[Fantasia] The Sadness (哭 悲) — Oomph

After a year of combating a pandemic with relatively benign symptoms, a frustrated nation finally lets its guard down. The virus spontaneously mutates, giving rise to a mind-altering plague. The streets erupt into violence and depravity, as those infected are driven to enact the most cruel and ghastly things they can think of. Murder, torture, rape and mutilation are only the beginning.

Rising Wolf — What Goes Up Ends Up Coming Down

“I’m trapped in an elevator. Please help me.” Aria (Charlotte Best) wakes up trapped in an elevator of a high-rise building, at the mercy of her tormentors, without any form of escape. Locked in the belly of the beast, she is forced to adapt her thinking, her beliefs and her…

The Movies — The Rich History of American Cinema

The Movies explores American cinema through the decades and the cultural, societal and political shifts that framed its evolution. Combining archival footage and interviews with leading actors, directors, producers, critics and historians, the series showcases the most pivotal moments in film that have stirred the imagination and influenced our culture.

Un gigantesque petit univers — Story Telling

“This morning I woke up with a feeling of oppression. With the feeling that everything was larger than life around me. That I was little. Very small… and alone. Isolated… ”. It is with this singular narration of the main character that begins this short film from a web series of 8 micro-episodes, and produced in the form of a video diary. The main character, lost in a hostile, unknown but strangely familiar universe, reveals his observations following a forced landing.

Running Against the Wind — Two Paths

Two twelve-year-old boys grow up together in a remote village – until a single photo changes their lives forever: Solomon heads for Addis Ababa to become a photographer. Abdi remains at home and trains to fulfil his dream of matching the sport successes of Haile Gebrselassie. Ten years later, Abdi is nominated for the Ethiopian National Running Team and moves to Addis Ababa.