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Geographies of Solitude - une

15 Dec

Geographies of Solitude —  Alone but Nicely Surrounded

Free Puppies - une

12 Dec

Free Puppies! — Or dogs rescued from distress

Concrete Valley

28 Nov

[RIDM] Concrete Valley — No man’s land in Toronto

Big Fight In Little Chinatown - une

26 Nov

[RIDM] Big Fight in Little Chinatown — Surviving

An eternity of you an me - une

25 Nov

[RIDM] An Eternity of You and Me — Persisting


24 Nov

[RIDM] Chaylla — Tough Love

Chaperons rouges - une

23 Nov

[RIDM] Chaperons rouges — Take Matters Into Your Own Hands

Jouvencelles - Une

20 Nov

[RIDM] Bloom — Evening story

19 Nov

[RIDM] Cloud Gate 2 — In Search of Memory

Charlie Trotter - une critique

18 Nov

Love, Charlie: The Rise and Fall of Chef Charlie Trotter – If It ain’t Broke, Break It

And Still I Sing - une

21 Oct

And still I sing – Fighting Through Music

FIFBM 2022 - une

21 Sep

[MIBFF] Lovely Jackson | Opening night

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