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Charlie Trotter - une critique

18 Nov

Love, Charlie: The Rise and Fall of Chef Charlie Trotter – If It ain’t Broke, Break It

And Still I Sing - une

21 Oct

And still I sing – Fighting Through Music

FIFBM 2022 - une

21 Sep

[MIBFF] Lovely Jackson | Opening night

Lovaganza - une critique de François Grondin

16 Sep

LOVAGANZA: The Great Illusion — Film Fraud

Fuir - une - Yzabel

15 Sep

Fuir – Violence and resilience

The art of un-war - une

1 Sep

The Art of Un-War — The other sides of monuments


30 Aug

Sextortion: The Hidden Pandemic — A life-changing photo

Chère Audrey - Martin Duckworth - Une

19 Aug

Dear Audrey — Lovebirds

The scorched remnants of the Amazon rainforest after a blaze set by farmers tore through the land. (Credit: Alex Pritz/Amazon Land Documentary)

18 Aug

The territory – To Fight for Amazonia

Mary Two-Axe Earley - une

16 Aug

[Présence Autochtone] Mary Two-Axe Earley – Become Yourself Again

Storm Trooper & Christian “Malgus” Lorin - Que le fan soit avec toi - une

30 Jul

[Fantasia] May The Fan Be With You — The Power Of Passion

Leonard Cohen, singer and songwriter

15 Jul

Hallelujah : Leonard Cohen, A Journey, A Song – A legendary song

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