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Top 5 of Solenne: Vintage 2022 — A great vintage

This article is not available in English. Why? Unfortunately, we do not have the necessary financial support to provide a good translation of each of our texts. Support us by purchasing one of our products or with a donation so we can make [...]

Streaming | Most Watched of the Month – December 2022

With a little delay, here are the most watched Movies and series in December 2022, again according to Just Watch. Movies Will you be surprised to learn that 4 of the 10 most watched films in December were Christmas movies? And to prove that the classics don’t go out of style, it’s the [...]

Streaming | Most Watched of 2022

2022 has been a long year. Not only did the pandemic continue its ravages for part of the year, but war was also on the menu. Fortunately, there is streaming. While waiting for 2023 to get off to a good start, let’s take another look back at 2022. This time, to find out which films …

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