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Le Petit Septième’s mission is to highlight and make accessible the cinema that is different from the one produced in Hollywood: the author cinema, the independent cinema and the national cinemas of many countries. Its website presents bilingual film reviews of fiction and documentary movies, produced in Quebec and elsewhere. It also devotes special attention to short films, a type of production that is still little known to the public. Le Petit Septième covers many film festivals in Montreal and the province of Quebec, theatrical releases, as well as new films available online. Since 2018, it has also promoted independent film production by participating in crowdfunding campaigns.

In 2022, LPS got a makeover and a new identity:


Founded in 2012, Le Petit Septième was first and foremost a blog where co-founders François Grondin and Annie Tanguay presented their reviews of author movies that were playing in the province of Quebec. The site has progressively been developed, living its most important turning point in 2017. Several new contributors then joined the team and the reviews have begun to be translated in english. Today, Le Petit Septième is composed of a team of reviewers from here and abroad with varied backgrounds and interests (socio-political documentary, historical films, literature and other arts, etc.). In addition, in order to continue to ensure the reviews’ linguistic quality, they acquired, in November 2018, Serum A, a linguistic revision company.

Le Petit Septième’s notoriety is now well established; the co-founders are on the jury of the International Narrative Short Film Festival (INSFF) since 2017. The partnership with the INSFF has also been extended to the promotion of the winning films by conducting interviews that accompany the reviews.

Behind the Picture

Another project is born in 2017: a mini web serie of 4 episodes entitled Behind the picture, in which cinematographic techniques and procedures are explained. In the wake of this project, Le Petit Septième now wants to expand its activity to the broadcast of short films, with the aim of facilitating the accessibility to alternative cinemas. In September 2019, they launched Italy in short!, in which a newly released Italian short film was broadcasted on the website on the first weekend of each month.

Our team

Owner and Chief editor: François Grondin

Reviewers (in alphabetical order)

  • Solenne d’Arnous-de-Fleury
  • Esther Baslé
  • Bruno Boëz
  • Lizanne Castonguay
  • Orian Dorais
  • François Grondin
  • Andrea Krotthammer
  • Denis Lambert
  • Guillaume Massie-Hamel
  • Nathanaël Pono
  • Samuël Robert
  • Rachid Sellami
  • Nao Sasaki
  • David Simard-Jean
  • Annie Tanguay
  • Nay Theam
  • Jean-François Vaudrin


  • Stéphanie Desprez
  • Annie Tanguay (consultant)

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