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Alice in Wonderland – Erotic Art

Les petits cadres pornographiques

Alice in Wonderland - introAdaptation of Alice in Wonderland inspired by Alice in Wonderland remix, from Odezenne.

With Alice in Wonderland, Alain Frédéric (aka Nothing Erotic) proves that eroticism can also have artistic value. Here’s what music can inspire to a creator.

The music

Alice in Wonderland - musicIn a rather original way, it is by being inspired by Odezenne’s song that the project was born. Honestly, I don’t understand so much what the song has to do with Lewis Carrol’s novel. On the other hand, the house rhythm is perfect to create vaporous and sensual images.

Perhaps it is the disordered and strange rhythm of the song that has given the ideas that bring this type of image. So it is that music can launch us on an effective experimental track.

The plans used

Alice in Wonderland - Plans usedA camera that moves a lot… Plans often blurry… An actress always on the move… Here’s what to expect with Alice in Wonderland.

Visually, this short film is destabilizing. If you plan to watch it like a sex movie, you might be disappointed. Apart from some close-ups on the actress’ breasts, we notice much more the beauty of the image than the attributes of the woman. With all the fast movements of the camera, and the many artistic blurs, one has the impression of finding oneself in a pursuit. Or to be simply a voyeur who does not want to be caught…

In addition, the director uses a lot of light. Which at times gives an impression of overexposure. But after a few seconds, our body adapts and we begin to really appreciate the beauty of this film.

But still…

Alice in Wonderland - But stillAlice in Wonderland looks like a behind the scenes of a photo shoot, with a very aesthetic touch. And to give this little “through the glass door” look, there is this rabbit mask that the woman wears at times, making her pass from the role of Alice to the role of the rabbit on the coke.

With his rhythm and his elaborate plans, the director succeeds in proving that erotic art is an art in its own right. Yes, Alice in Wonderland is a very successful experimental short film!

Rating: 7.5 / 10

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