Interview with Federico del Buono, director of Conquista il mondo

For Italy in short!, François on behalf of Le Petit Septième, met director Federico del Buono, whose first film, Conquista il mondo, will be presented on our website from December 6 to 8 2019. The interview was the occasion to learn more about the film itself, but also about trends…

Drag Kids – This is Just Beginning

“Boom!” Stephan, Jason, Nemis and Bracken aren’t teens yet. Like other kids of their age they’re living carefree lives except when it comes to their shared passion: drag queen routines. In imitating character (Queen Lactatia, Laddy GaGa or Suzan Bee Anthony) or exaggerating feminine stereotypes (Bracken), these kids transform and…

A coffee with… Alfredo Mazzara, director of Ragù Noir and La Barba

When we prepared Italy in Short!, we were seduced by the rhythm, the accuracy and the efficacity of the scenario of two dark humor short films, written and directed by Alfredo Mazzara: Ragù noir and La barba. So we grabbed the opportunity to meet him during our stay to Rome in June 2019, in order to learn – and learn you – about his creative process. Here are some highlights of this discussion.

And then we danced – For its Own Sake

Merab has been training since he was young at the National Georgian Ensemble with his dance partner Mary. His world is suddenly turned upside down when the charismatic and carefree Irakli arrives and becomes his strongest rival as well as his desire. In the conservative world he lives, Merab finds himself liberating. But at the same time, he finds himself in a dangerous situation.