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Quebecers movies

10 Sep

Sin La Habana – Life plan

9 Sep

[TIFF] NFB short films

3 Sep

The Greatest Country in the World — Survival

2 Sep

La Face Cachée Du Baklava — Comedy Is Not Easy

11 Aug

[Outsouth Queer Film Festival]Two Straight Girls at a Queer Fest — Friendship

4 Aug

[Fantasia] 2021 — NFB shorts and more

23 Jul

Coming Home: Par-delà une nuit sans lune – The Winding Road Back

13 Jul

Le guide de la famille parfaite — Welcome to the Land of Ordinary Life

11 Jun

Frimas — A Blinding Fog That Reveals a Very Unpleasant Future

21 May

Le miroir — Through the Glass

2 Apr

Le club Vinland – A Good Dose of Emotion

19 Mar

Dialogue pour un homme seul — Tender Poetry

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