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One summer story - une

25 Jun

[TJFF] One summer story — My father is the leader of a cult…

Aristocrats - une

24 Jun

[TJFF] Aristocrats — Getting married before 30

Amants sacrifiés - Une

13 Apr

[FCMS] Wife of a Spy — For better and for worse

The Housewife - une

7 Mar

The Housewife — Maintain the Flame

20 Oct

[FNC] Extraneous Matter – Complete Edition — Sweet Tentacles

8 Oct

[VIFF] Spaghetti Code Love (スパゲティコード・ラブ) — Solitude

25 Aug

[Fantasia] Sexual Drive — The Enigmatic Mr. Kurita

24 Aug

[Fantasia] Satoshi Kon, The Illusionist — Exploring a Short and Great Career

23 Aug

[Fantasia] Wonderful Paradise (脳天パラダイス) — Crazy

16 Aug

Howling Village (犬鳴村) — To Die Drowned

11 Aug

[Fantasia] Follow the Light (光を追いかけて) — When it all goes away

25 Jun

[TJFF] Talking the Pictures (カツベン!) — Historical and cultural lesson

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