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3 Aug

[Présence Autochtone] Once upon a river – American Drama

25 Jun

[TJFF] Talking the Pictures (カツベン!) — Historical and cultural lesson

23 Jun

[TJFF] Hold me Back (私をくいとめて) — Sweet Madness

19 Jun

[Annecy Festival] 2021 — Jeune Public Short Films Selection

18 Jun

[TJFF] The brightest roof in the universe (宇宙でいちばんあかるい屋根) – Magnificent naivety

16 Jun

[Annecy Festival] 2021 — Off-Limits Short Films Selection

14 Jun

[Annecy Festival] 2021 – The NFB Shorts

12 Jun

[TJFF] A garden of the Camellias (椿の庭) — Beauty, virtue and modesty

11 Jun

Frimas — A Blinding Fog That Reveals a Very Unpleasant Future

5 Jun

[TJFF] Hope (望み) — Killer or killed

11 May

[Hot Docs] Kímmapiiyipitssini : The Meaning of Empathy

11 May

[Hot Docs] Life of Ivanna

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