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14 Aug

[Fantasia] Hellbender — The Wrath of a Teenager

13 Aug

[Fantasia] Baby Don’t Cry — Destructive Love

11 Aug

[Fantasia] Follow the Light (光を追いかけて) — When it all goes away

10 Aug

Hotel Poseidon — Flemish art at its strangest

10 Aug

Listening to the Wisdom of Niokominanak (Our Elders) – The Female Memory of the First Peoples

9 Aug

[Fantasia] Giving Birth to a Butterfly — A fraud in a strange world

8 Aug

[Fantasia] King Knight — Fallen Wiccan

8 Aug

[Fantasia] Little Vampire — A Horror Movie For The Family

7 Aug

Présence Autochtone] Ataguttaaluk. A Life to Live For – A Story of Survival

7 Aug

[Fantasia] Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes (ドロステのはてで僕ら) — Time Loop

5 Aug

[Fantasia] Agnes — Possession?

4 Aug

[Fantasia] 2021 — NFB shorts and more

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