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Regard 2022 - Traveling - Une

24 Mar

[Regard] A Selection From Traveling Distribution

22 Mar

[Regard] Spira’s Selection

Fellinopolis - une

21 Mar

[FIFA] Fellinopolis — The great Fellini at human height

Mica - une

28 Feb

[Cinéfranco youth festival] Mica — The resilience of a child

Relashionship killers - une

26 Feb

Relationship Killers – Explosive relationship

HIF programme 1b - une

4 Feb

[Francophone Immigrant Stories] Echoes in the Present (Short Films) part 2

HIF programme court 1a - une

31 Jan

[Francophone Immigrant Stories] Echoes in the Present (Short Films)

30 Jan

[Francophone Immigrant Stories] Echoes from the Past (Short Films)

29 Jan

ICFF at Home – January 2022: Genitori vs Influencers | The Sorelle Macaluso

Amin - feature film

28 Jan

[Francophone Immigrant Stories] Amin

Paris la blanche - une

26 Jan

[Histoires d’immigrants Francophones] Paris la blanche

Présentation Histoires immigrants Francophones - Une

25 Jan

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