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Canadian movies

22 Oct

Marlène — Injustice and punishment

19 Oct

[FNC] Short films competition — Les nouveaux alchimistes 1

11 Oct

[FNC] Bootlegger – An uncertain struggle towards self-determination

9 Oct

[VIFF] [FNC] The White Fortress (Tabija) — Goodbye Sarajevo

6 Oct

[VIFF] All My Puny Sorrows — Fighting For What We Want

5 Oct

[VIFF] Night Raiders – Canada, 2043: What If History Starts All Over Again?

4 Oct

[VIFF] Selection of 5 North American short films

2 Oct

[VIFF] Quickening — Cultural Pressure

2 Oct

[VIFF] C’est parti en mode hybride! Et on vous aide à faire votre sélection!

1 Oct

[VIFF] 6 French-Speaking Short Films

25 Sep

Le silence — I wanted to scream so much…

11 Sep

[TIFF] Learn to Swim — Passions

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