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Is Netflix Killing the Movie Industry?

Netflix is truly revolutionising the way that we watch television. Some people worry that Netflix could be bringing around the death of the big screen, but is there actually any proof behind this? It’s time to find out.

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Netflix are Breaking Records

Netflix has added a huge amount of record-breaking users to their service. They now have over 140 million users across the world. This is three times the amount of users that they had just 5 years ago. The USA is also the biggest market for Netflix, with over 40% of their users residing in the US. So why is Netflix increasing in popularity? One of the many reasons is because people like the convenience it has to offer. The same concept can be applied to the casino industry. If you look at the online casino Canada boom, you will see that this correlates to a decline in the number of people who choose to attend casinos in person, as well as introducing casino games to an entirely new consumer market. People love convenience, and it’s safe to say that Netflix is focusing on that as much as possible.

Investing in Content

The company has chosen to invest heavily in their content as well. This includes the big movie blockbusters that they have made. Analysts believe that they have spent well over 13 billion dollars on titles which include Narcos and even Bird Box. This would be enough to make the Titanic movie, which is actually one of the most expensive movies to ever be made, 65 times over. The effort that they are putting in seems to be paying off, as their movie Roma has managed to earn a Best Picture nomination. Netflix has been criticised for only showing movies in a very small amount of movie theatres and even then, they are only shown for a very short amount of time. They are then uploaded onto the site so that everyone can watch them.


The National Association of Theatre

The National Association of Theatre has found that a lot of people who do watch streamed movies do still go to the theatre. This is great because it shows that the movie industry won’t die entirely, but that being said, the number of people who go to the movies are still way down when compared. Some people thought that bringing televisions into people’s homes would kill off the movie industry but it hasn’t happened yet. So all in all, there is a definite decline in the amount of people who want to pay to go to the cinema, but that being said, it doesn’t mean that theatres are going to die out. Everyone has predicted the death of cinema for quite some time, but theatres are still doing well when new high-octane releases hit the big screen. This is because fans of movies are still willing to pay to go to the cinema, even though they can watch movies at home. It’s the same as people still going to the casino, even though they can access games online. Sometimes, it’s about the in-person experience more than anything.


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