Un gigantesque petit univers — Story Telling

“This morning I woke up with a feeling of oppression. With the feeling that everything was larger than life around me. That I was little. Very small… and alone. Isolated… ”. It is with this singular narration of the main character that begins this short film from a web series of 8 micro-episodes, and produced in the form of a video diary. The main character, lost in a hostile, unknown but strangely familiar universe, reveals his observations following a forced landing.

Everything You Should Know About Storing Old Photos and Preserving Precious Memories

Photographs are a popular way to preserve important moments in history and precious memories too. We often question why do I look worse on camera, but we still want to keep our photos safe.
Storing vintage photographs that aren’t viewed regularly takes up space in homes.

A coffee with… Alfredo Mazzara, director of Ragù Noir and La Barba

When we prepared Italy in Short!, we were seduced by the rhythm, the accuracy and the efficacity of the scenario of two dark humor short films, written and directed by Alfredo Mazzara: Ragù noir and La barba. So we grabbed the opportunity to meet him during our stay to Rome in June 2019, in order to learn – and learn you – about his creative process. Here are some highlights of this discussion.