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Glass Cabin – Into the Woods

“I’m here to show you around.”

Glass cabin - posterScarlett (Revell Carpenter), a tennis player, struggles with paranoia in an isolated glass cabin in the woods after becoming convinced that the caretaker (David Mar Stefensson) has murder in mind.

With Glass Cabin, Can Türedi offers an uninteresting film that proves that even if you can create beautiful shots, that does not mean you can make a good movie. You must also know how to surround yourself well.

Lack of coherence

Glass_Cabin - Lack of coherence
Scarlett (Revell Carpenter) & the caretaker (David Mar Stefensson)

 There are two things that must be present if you want to have a chance to make successful film: coherence in the story and a scenario that stands. And unfortunately, Glass Cabin does not have either.

From the outset, I have a bit of trouble understanding why a top athlete would hide in the woods, away from any training center, in order to… train. Is it just me or it’s illogical? Besides, how is it that this tennis player, high level I repeat, does not even have a bag adapted to carry her racket? She slips it into her backpack. Really? I play 2 times a year and I have a bag to protect my racket. Here are two inconsistencies that only affect the lifestyle of the main character.

Paranoia is really real, too… 😉 The poor woman rent a kind of glass cabin. She has only arrived for a few minutes / hours ago and she already seems to find the place strange. She does not understand that her phone does not pick up. HELLOOOOOO! You’re in the middle of the woods dummy! And comes a moment of intense stress. THE moment when paranoia sets in… The person in charge of the chalet comes to bring her a piece of paper with nothing less than… AHHHHHHH… the code for the Wi-Fi and the rules of the place. Although it’s totally illogical that this precious piece of paper is not already there, is there really something to panic about?

Of course, the snow will start to fall, the maybe naughty boy who takes care of the cottage will come to the cabin twice, the poor woman will feel threatened… And all this supported by dialogue worthy of a Z-series movie… No, I’ve seen a lot better in Z-series movies. The dialogues are simply void.

But what’s the point of it?

Glass Cabin - what's the purpose
The cabin

But not everything is bad in Glass Cabin. There are very beautiful shots. I think among other things, to this shot that serves to create a palpable tension while we see a deer head on the wall. A very beautiful shot… which serves no purpose at all. It’s unfortunate, because there are several shots like that in this short film. Shots that serve more to show that the director knows how to compose an image than to move the story. At least there will be a crazy pursuit in the snow. A reminder of The Shining, but without any tension or interest… A crazy pursuit that will last a big 5 seconds…

But still…

For the viewer to experience tension, stress, or fear, one must succeed in creating a plausible situation. There is no need for this situation to be realistic. It only needs to be plausible. If you cannot imagine it, you cannot be afraid, or feel tension. Here, the lack of logic and coherence means that we just can’t believe it.

Rather than watching Glass Cabin, I suggest you… Bah, do just about anything. It should be better…

Rating: 3.5 / 10

Watch the trailer here:

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