Reviews and comments on Quebec, international and author cinema

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3 Sep

The Greatest Country in the World — Survival

2 Sep

La Face Cachée Du Baklava — Comedy Is Not Easy

28 Aug

They Who Surround Us — Ukrainian immigration

27 Aug

Prisoners of the Ghostland — When the universe of westerns meets that of samurai

21 Aug

Apatrides (Stateless) – Identity Loss

20 Aug

Paw Patrol: The Movie — Canine Superheroes

19 Aug

Rare Beasts — Brutal and Refreshing

18 Aug

Annette — When the spectator becomes witness to the shipwreck of their love

16 Aug

Howling Village (犬鳴村) — To Die Drowned

12 Aug

Materna – Of Daughters and Mothers

6 Aug

OSS 117, From Africa with love — The new adventures of a spy turned cheesy

6 Aug

Rising Wolf — What Goes Up Ends Up Coming Down

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