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My Broken Mariko - Une

14 Jul

[Fantasia] My Broken Mariko — Introspection and Forgiveness

Ribbon - une

26 Jun

[TJFF] Ribbon — Art in the time of Covid

One summer story - une

25 Jun

[TJFF] One summer story — My father is the leader of a cult…

Aristocrats - une

24 Jun

[TJFF] Aristocrats — Getting married before 30

19 Jun

[TJFF] Sensei would you sit beside me? — Sweet Revenge

Midnight Swan - une

18 Jun

[TJFF] Midnight Swan — Maternal Instinct

Annecy 2022 Off-limits - Une

16 Jun

[Annecy Festival] Off-Limits Short Films in Competition

Annecy 2022 Jeune public - une

15 Jun

[Annecy Festival] Young Audiences Short Films in Competition

Ikuna no kita - Une

12 May

[Les sommets du cinéma d’animation] Dozens of Norths

Amants sacrifiés - Une

13 Apr

[FCMS] Wife of a Spy — For better and for worse

Drive my car - une

12 Apr

[FCMS] Drive My Car — Intimacy

The Housewife - une

7 Mar

The Housewife — Maintain the Flame

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