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Solenne d Arnoux de Fleury

Brand-New-Cherry-Flavor - Netflix suggestions - une

27 Nov

NETFLIX: TOP 5 — But What to Choose?

31 Oct

MUTE — A story that did not fall on deaf ears

27 Aug

Prisoners of the Ghostland — When the universe of westerns meets that of samurai

18 Aug

Annette — When the spectator becomes witness to the shipwreck of their love

6 Aug

OSS 117, From Africa with love — The new adventures of a spy turned cheesy

24 Jul

Kaamelott: First part — After a few twists and turns, the king is back!

9 Jul

Mandibules — A Masterful Flight Intended For a Large Audience

11 Jun

Frimas — A Blinding Fog That Reveals a Very Unpleasant Future

12 May

A bump Along the Way — A Funny, Heart Touching and Feel-Good Movie

20 Apr

The Pembrokeshire Murders — When Fiction Flirts With Documentary

4 Apr

My Donkey, My Lover & I – A hilarious buddy movie

11 Feb

Helter Skelter – An American Myth: Charles Manson – The Dark Side of the Sixties Counterculture

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