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Esther Baslé

Leonard Cohen, singer and songwriter

15 Jul

Hallelujah : Leonard Cohen, A Journey, A Song – A legendary song

Les passagers de la nuit - Une

30 Jun

Passengers of the night – Like a Bird Fallen From the Nest

Les intranquilles - une

20 May

Les intranquilles – Between Two Crises

Nick Cave et Warren Ellis

10 May

This much I know to be true – Poetic conception

À temps plein - une

28 Apr

[RVQC] A plein temps – A Crazy Rhythm

Revolution generation - une

23 Apr

The Revolution Generation – Youth and Crises

Légitime défense - Une

31 Mar

[Vues d’Afrique] Légitime défense – From Seduction to Domestic Violence

Run woman run - une - Beck and Tom (Marathon)

24 Mar

Run Woman Run – Takeover

A grand romantic gesture - Une

8 Mar

A grand romantic gesture – Dramatic affinities


4 Mar

Minamata – Photography and reality

Relashionship killers - une

26 Feb

Relationship Killers – Explosive relationship


13 Dec

The boathouse – An Invitation into Torments

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