Reviews and comments on Quebec, international and author cinema

Bruno Boëz

14 Dec

The End Of Certainties – The Beginning of the Action?

1 Dec

1982 – Crush In Wartime

29 Nov

En route pour le milliard – The great illusion

25 Nov

Québexit – Utopia or dystopia?

25 Nov

The short film comes out of the woods – Interview with the director Joffrey Saintrapt

18 Nov

Les Femmes du soleil : une chronologie du regard – The Filmed Revolution

16 Nov

The Earth is blue as an orange – Family Movie

29 Oct

This is not a burial, it’s a resurrection – Chronicle of a Disappearance

25 Oct

Si c’était de l’amour – Dance-slow Motion

17 Oct

Atlantis – Dystopia or Reality?

7 Oct

A Life Turned Upside Down: My Dad’s an Alcoholic – One Last for the Drive?

6 Oct

There Is No Evil – Four Stories, One Fight

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