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Bruno Boëz

Les meilleurs du Hot Docs 2022 - une

9 May

[Hot Docs] My favorite films of the 2022 edition!

Angels of Sinjar - une

9 May

[Hot Docs] Angels of Sinjar — Courage of the Yazidis

Once upon a time in Uganda - une

7 May

[Hot Docs] Once upon a time in Uganda — Shooting in Wakaliga

Outside - une

6 May

[Hot Docs] In competition in the international Section : Outside | The Wind Blows the Border

Silent_Beauty - une

3 May

[Hot Docs] Silent Beauty — We Do Not Choose Our Family

Hot docs 2022 - Opening -night - Une

1 May

[Hot Docs] Opening night of the Hot Docs 2022 | World Premiere of Into the Weeds

Capsule 1 Hot Docs - Une

26 Apr

[Hot Docs] Musical challenges with Okay! (The ASD Band Film) | Shabu

Présentation Histoires immigrants Francophones - Une

25 Jan

When cinema takes you on a journey to the heart of the world: an exceptional program of films offered by Cinéfranco across Canada

Top 5 Bruno - Une

31 Dec

2021: Bruno’s top 5

Zo reken

8 Dec

[RIDM] Zo reken – Stroll Through the Battered Streets of Port-au-Prince

20 Nov

[RIDM] Zuhur’s Daughters – From Syria to Europe: Successful journey of two trans women

The_Gravediggers_Wife - Une

16 Nov

The Gravedigger’s Wife – A Moral Fable in Djibouti

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