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Streaming Top 10 Novembre 2023 - Une

Streaming | The Most Popular of November 2023

On 4 December 2023

It’s time to find out if you’ve seen the most popular films and series of the past month. And believe me, there’s been some movement. 

New No. 1s in both categories, for the first time in a few months. 


Barbie cedes the top spot to Oppenheimer. Which is hardly surprising in the current circumstances. Halloween-friendly titles also disappear from the top 10. 

On the other hand, a first Christmas movie slips into the list. 

Here’s the full list. 

Les plus populaires de novembre 2023 - Films


Here, we’re talking about a drastic change in the titles that fill the list. Loki and Gen V haven’t disappeared completely, but almost, while Doctor Who moves to the head of the pack. 

Here’s how it looks.

Les plus populaires de novembre 2023 - Séries

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On 4 December 2023

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