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Streaming Les plus populaires de Août 2023 - Une

Streaming | The most popular of August 2023

On 4 September 2023

The numbers are in! Our partner Just Watch has given us the stats for August, and we’re happy to share them with you. 

Let’s see what’s changed in the last 31 days…


It seems that streaming fans still haven’t had enough of game adaptations or superhero movies. These two categories strongly dominate the top 10 once again, with Super Mario Bros leading the way. A truly remarkable film, by the way. 

The top 10 looks like this

Streaming les plus populaires de Août 2023 - films


There’s been a little more movement in the series ranking, with two new titles at the top. The Bear has moved from first to third place, while Alone has disappeared completely. Also new are Only murders in the building and Foundation

Here’s the top 10

Streaming les plus populaires de Août 2023 - Séries

What would be your top 3?

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On 4 September 2023

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