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Fantasia 2023 - Liste invités - Une

Fantasia 2023 | On-site guests

For its 27th edition, the Fantasia International Film Festival welcomes 56 local and international directors, producers and actors.

Here’s the guest list, by film title. Note that if some titles are repeated, it’s because the people involved will be available at different times.

Les chambres rouges (Quebec/Canada)   

Pascal Plante (director)

Juliette Gariépy (actress)

Laurie Babin (actress)

Elisabeth Locas (actress)

Natalie Tannous (actress)

Pierre Chagnon (actor)

Maxwell McCabe Lokos (actor)

Blackout (United States)     

Larry Fessenden (director)

Rigo Garay (actor)

The Roundup: No way out (South Korea)

Sang-yong Lee (director)

The Roundup

Sympathy for the devil (United States)    

Yuval Adler (director)

Nicolas Cage (actor)  – might not be there because of the strike    

Nicolas Cage
Nicolas Cage

The Primevals (United States)        

Charles Band (producer)

Chris Endicott (visual effects)

Stay online (Ukraine)          

Eva Strielnikova (director)

Apocalypse clown (Ireland / Belgium)      

George Kane (director)

Shane O’Brien (actor)

The fantastic golem affairs (Spain)

Fernando Martínez (director)

Juan González (director)

Emptiness (Quebec/Canada)          

Onur Karaman (director)

Perpetrator (United States)           

Jennifer Reeder (director)

Lovely, dark, and deep (United States)    

Teresa Sutherland (director)

Talk to me (United States)  

Danny Philippou (director)

Michael Philippou (director)     

Sand land (Japan)    

Toshihisa Yokoshima (director)

Booger (United States)       

Mary Dauterman (director)

Grace Glowicki (actress)

Y’a une étoile (New Brunswick / United States)  

Julien Cadieux (director)

Insomniacs after school (Japan)     

Chihiro Ikeda (director)               

Devils (South Korea)           

Kim Jae-hoon (director)

Meeting with Larry Kent    

Larry Kent          

Femme (United Kingdom)   

Sam H. Freeman (director)        

Daughter of the sun (Canada)       

Ryan Ward (director)

Pett Kata Shaw (Bangladesh)

Nuhash Humayun (director)     

Hippo (United States)         

Mark H. Rapaport (director)

Eric Roberts (actor)

Lilla Kizlinger (actress)

MS. apocalypseE (South Korea)     

Lim Seon-ae-I (director)

Raon Park (actor)

Where the devil roams (United States)    

Where the Devil Roams

John Adams (director, actor)

Zelda Adams (director, actress)

Toby Poser (director, actress)

Lulu Adams (director, actress)

Aporia (United States)        

Jared Moshe (director)               

Irlande Cahier Bleu (Québec/Canada)      

Olivier Godin (director)

Touch kink (Québec/Canada)        

Todd Max Carey (director)

What you wish for (Australia)       

Nicholas Tomnay (director)

Nick Stahl (actor)

Tamsin Topolski (actress)

Randy Vasquez (actor)

With love and a major organ (Canada)    

Kim Albright (director)

Donna Benedicto (actress)        

Daughter of the sun (Canada)       

Courtney Sawyer (actress)        

The sacrifice game (Canada)

Jenn Wexler (director)

The concierge (Japan)         

Yoshimi Itazu (director)

River (Japan) 

Junta Yamaguchi (director)        

Book launch Terror in the alien realms    

Pat Tremblay    

Tokyo revengers part 1 and 2 (Japan)      

Tsutomu Hanabusa (director)

Kurayukaba (Japan) 

Shigeyoshi Tsukahara (director)

Birth/Rebirth (United States)        

Laura Moss (director)

Empire V (United States)    

Victor Ginzburg (director)

Satan wants you (Canada) 

Steve Adams (director)

Sean Horlor (director)

What you wish for (Australia)       

Peter Harper (actor)

Penelope Mitchell (actress)

Randy Vasquez (actor)

My animal (United States)  

Jacqueline Castel (director)       

Richelieu (Quebec/Canada)

Pier-Philippe Chevigny (director)

Micheline Bernard (actress)

Marc-André Grondin (actor)

Ariane Castellanos (actress)      

Onyx the fortuitous and the talisman of souls (United States)

Andrew Bowser (director/actor)


Molli and Max in the furute (United States)        

Michael Litwak (director)

Suitable flesh (United States)        

Joe Lynch (director)

Barbara Crampton (actress)

Sometimes I think about dying (United States)  

Rachel Lambert (director)

Max Funk: pour ton funk seulement (Quebec/Canada) 

Benoit Ash (director)

Alexandre Dubois (director)

Alexandre B. Lampron (director)

Guy Chagnon (director)              

ROMI (Canada)         

Robert Cuffley (director)

Mayhem (France)     

Xavier Gens (director)

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