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The prominent rise of East Asian movies and series

The worldwide success of the Oscar-winning Korean film Parasite has launched a new wave in streaming entertainment. After the release of the Squid Game phenomenon, there was an explosion of Asian films and shows — more than double than before.

These commercial and critical successes have led the public to take an interest in East Asian cinema. A small increase in the level of works from Japan, and a big increase for those arriving from South Korea.

We can see the increase in the number of productions and the increase in the appreciation of the public on the following graph.

East Asia Content

Just Watch also provided us with a list of the most popular titles from Japan and South Korea.

We notice that Japan is especially appreciated for its anime, while South Korea is for its disturbing works.

Here are the 10 most popular in recent years.

East Asia Content 2

Does this mean a drop in interest and the place occupied by cinema coming from Hollywood? If you ask for my opinion, I would simply say that I wish it.

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