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Just Watch top 10 avril 2023 - une

Streaming | The most popular of April 2023

The figures for the month of April are out! Here’s what Just Watch had for us this month.

Now that the Oscars are behind us and the headlines at the series level have passed, there are several newcomers.


Although Everything Everywhere All at Once resists, it is Hollywood’s big guns that are now settling in the top 10. We can see, among others, Jurassic World Dominion which closes the top 10 films in streaming.

Here is the full list.

Just Watch Top 10 avril 2023 - films


Although The Mandalorian and The Last of Us still rank in the top 10, they have ceded the top spot. We can also see a trend in films and series from Asia. Last month, Beef took the lead.

Here is the full list.

Just Watch top 10 - avril 2023 - Séries

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