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Mes très chers enfants - une

24 Apr

Mes très chers enfants — Not Too Caring Children

Donkeyhead - Une

9 Mar

Donkeyhead – Stubborn as a mule

Night Blooms - une

23 Jan

Night Blooms – Fucked Up

20 Nov

[RIDM] Zuhur’s Daughters – From Syria to Europe: Successful journey of two trans women

The_Gravediggers_Wife - Une

16 Nov

The Gravedigger’s Wife – A Moral Fable in Djibouti

14 Oct

Mass – In the Heart of the Matter

3 Oct

[VIFF] Flee – And the Documentary Truth

8 Aug

[Fantasia] Little Vampire — A Horror Movie For The Family

3 Aug

[Présence Autochtone] Once upon a river – American Drama

5 Jun

[TJFF] Hope (望み) — Killer or killed

11 May

[Hot Docs] Kímmapiiyipitssini : The Meaning of Empathy

11 May

[Hot Docs] Life of Ivanna

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