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David Simard-Jean

DansLOmbreDuStarWarsKid - Une

30 Mar

Star Wars Kid: The Rise of the Digital Shadows — The importance of getting out

Divertimento - une

23 Mar

Interview with Keyvan Sheikhalishahi for the launch of his film Divertimento

Barbaque - Une

11 Mar

Barbaque — Slow-cooked

Au revoir le bonheur - une

16 Dec

Au Revoir Le Bonheur — (too) Classic Ken Scott

24 Nov

Aline — Better Than Expected

8 Nov

5 movies by directors of the MCU

27 Sep

Maria Chapdelaine — Or How to Properly Adapt a Book

24 Aug

[Fantasia] Satoshi Kon, The Illusionist — Exploring a Short and Great Career

8 Aug

[Fantasia] Little Vampire — A Horror Movie For The Family

25 Jun

[TJFF] Talking the Pictures (カツベン!) — Historical and cultural lesson

7 May

The human factor — A Great Exploration

2 Apr

Le club Vinland – A Good Dose of Emotion

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